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mixing and mastering


Mixing is arguably one of the most challenging and important pieces of the production process. It can be the difference between a mediocre song and something that really knocks people's socks off. As a mix engineer, it is my job to make sure the listener experiences and interprets the song EXACTLY the way the artist intends. Which is why in addition to great sounding, top-notch gear, mixing requires years of experience working to fulfill many different artists' visions. So, whether you've worked hard to record all of the music yourself, or you've done it at a professional facility, like mine, don't let your music be held back by a mix that is less than OUTSTANDING!  Click here to book your mix session today!





Below are samples of songs recorded, produced, and mixed by Cade Roberts Music Productions.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Cade Roberts
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As We Sing - Sharla Ember
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Key to Your Heart - Brent Giddens
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Where's The Sun - Jace Bain
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Slip - Brett Richison
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