Below is a video showcasing songs that I have fully produced. The "before" is the rough demo sent to me by the client (typically just a cell phone recording) and the "after is the final production where all instruments, mixing, and mastering are provided by Cade Roberts Music Productions.

         As an artist, one of the most frustrating and difficult things a person will confront is the task of making the music in your head a reality. Cade offers a unique experience by not just playing the role of the engineer, but also of a producer and multi-instrumentalists. With his vast knowledge of many instruments (Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Strings, Horns, etc.), Cade has a unique ability to turn an artist's vision, concepts, and ideas into reality. 


        "My absolute highest priority is the art and sound of the music. Making records that go the extra mile to move the listener." -Cade


Below are some more samples of songs before and after production work. 

Maurice Roper - Blind DEMO
Ray Thomann - Can You Hear DEMO
Julie MacCartee - Just Meant To Be DEMO
Jeff Rose - Shaggin' with Big Daddy DEMO
Maurice Roper - Blind FINAL
Ray Thomann - Can You Hear FINAL
Julie MacCartee - Just Meant To Be FINAL
Jeff Rose - Shaggin' with Big Daddy FINAL

More samples

These are songs I've produced, recorded, mixed and mastered with no before demos.

Sharla Ember - As We Sing
Brent Giddens - Key to Your Heart
Jace Bain - Where's The Sun