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Below is a video showcasing songs that I have fully produced. The "before" is the rough demo sent to me from the client (typically just a cell phone recording) and the "after" is the final production with all instruments, mixing, and mastering provided by Cade Roberts Music Productions.

Everything it takes to make a demo into a finished, radio quality master! Whether you need a full band to play across your song, or just a couple of instruments, Cade Roberts Music Productions is your one-stop shop for all your instrumentation needs. 


As an artist, it can sometimes be difficult to make the music in your head a reality. Cade offers a unique service by not just playing the role of the engineer, but also of a producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist. With his knowledge of many instruments (Guitars, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Strings, Horns, etc.), Cade has a unique ability to turn an artist's vision, concepts, and ideas into reality. 


Below are some more samples of songs before and after production work. 

Maurice Roper - Blind DEMO
Ray Thomann - Can You Hear DEMO
Julie MacCartee - Just Meant To Be DEMO
Jeff Rose - Shaggin' with Big Daddy DEMO
Maurice Roper - Blind FINAL
Ray Thomann - Can You Hear FINAL
Julie MacCartee - Just Meant To Be FINAL
Jeff Rose - Shaggin' with Big Daddy FINAL

More samples

These are songs I've produced, recorded, mixed and mastered with no before demos.

Sharla Ember - As We Sing
Brent Giddens - Key to Your Heart
Jace Bain - Where's The Sun
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